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American Beauty Tools 3198E-550, 550 Wt 1-1/8" Hd Ergo Iron

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American Beauty Tools, 0, 550 Watt 1-1/8" Heavy-Duty Ergo Iron, 110VAC Features The near 90 degree angle in the soldering iron casing allows the user to operate the iron from an ergonomically comfortable position, reducing tension in the hand and wrist


Hardwood handle provides superior thermal and electrical insulating properties and durability

Modular construction allows for easy replacement of consumable parts allowing for tools to last for generations

Ni-Chrome Compression Wound Heating Elements are proven to be the most reliable heating element for maintaining soldering temperature in production environments

Paragon Iron-Clad Lead-Free Soldering Iron Tips consistently outperform and outlast ordinary soldering iron tips many times over

Plug-style tip design provides for superior heat transfer and easy cleaning

Reaching a maximum tip temperature of 1, 000 176 F, the American Beauty 550 Watt Ergo Iron Model 3198E-550 is an industrial-duty soldering iron especially designed for professionals who depend on soldering for their livelihoods

The nearly 90 degree angle of the ergo iron allows the operator to use the soldering iron from a comfortable position, enabling them to focus on their work instead of their discomfort

Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to Sealing joints in custom ductwork

Using a traditional stick-style soldering iron frequently causes wrist stress as the soldering iron has to be held at an awkward angle